Monday, February 1, 2010

Oscar Nomination Predictions--Best Picture

Hello all. It seems that a relatively long absence between posts has crept up on me. I will be rolling out the rest of my Pretentious Film Award Nominations later this week, and early into next week. Confession time: I've still yet to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox, The White Ribbon or Crazy Heart. I'm seeing them all this week, probably in that order (in fact, I'll be watching Fantastic Mr. Fox mere moments after making this post). I posted my nominees for supporting actress because those are five performances that, the moment I saw them, left such an indelible mark in my mind that I couldn't possibly imagine any other women usurping their spots. Unless Maggie Gyllenhaal happens to be phenomenal in Crazy Heart, I'm guessing no one will.

Anyway, Oscar nominations will be announced tomorrow morning by my darling Anne Hathaway. For complicated and stupid reasons, I won't be able to watch the live announcement. It's kind of sad, actually. I've watched announcement since the morning Adrien Brody announced that Clint Eastwood, not Paul Giamatti had been nominated for best actor. That doesn't seem very long ago, but remember I'm young. With the advent of YouTube, I'll see Ms. Hathaway announcing the nominees anyway, albeit later in the day. But enough about me. Here are my predictions for best picture.

1. The Hurt Locker (locked)
2. Avatar (locked)
3. Inglourious Basterds (locked)
4. Up in the Air (locked)
5. Precious (locked)
6. Invictus (probable)
7. An Education (probable)
8. Up (shaky)
9. A Serious Man (shaky)
10. Nine (shaky)

Alternate: District 9, Star Trek, The Messenger

The top five slots are locked and loaded. In a year of five best picture nominees, I believe that those would be the five (give or take Invictus). In fact, I'm pretty confident about slots 1 through 8 (even though I marked Up as "shaky"). A Serious Man and Nine are the two I'm not sure about. The former is a critical darling birthed from two critical darlings and the latter is a disappointing film that happens to be right up the Academy's alley. In both cases, there's precedent to support a best picture nomination. Originally, I had The Messenger in the tenth slot, but that was probably due to my bias against Nine/ in favor of The Messenger (I really liked that film quite a lot). Then there's District 9 and Star Trek, both of which made decent precursor showings. But will they really nominated three sci-fi films? I'm guessing not.

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