Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coming Soon...

I will be posting the remainder of nominations for "The Pretentious Film Awards" throughout the remainder of the week. I have one final film I need to see and am still figuring things out. Stay tuned.

Note: I finally got around to seeing Steve McQueen's Hunger. Without giving anything away...it will factor heavily into my year end awards. I am cheating just a little bit to include Hunger (if Nathaniel over at the Film Experience can do it, then so can I) even though it's technically considered a 2008 release. However, there were no opportunities for me to see it in 2008. It received a paltry one-week release at year's end. That not only doesn't qualify it as a 2008 release in my book, but it also speaks to a big problem with the film industry, which is access to great films. I'm not ranting, just stating the truth. Normally I would give it some sort of Special Jury Prize, honoring a film I missed last year. However, having now seen Hunger...I can't NOT include it. Sorry.

Peace, Love and Pretension

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