Friday, March 20, 2009

What to Expect...

I'm going to try to blog more often than I have been. There's always a bit of fatigue that comes after the Oscar race, at least for me. Plus, a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks.

1. I found out I was accepted as a screenwriting fellow into the American Film Institute Conservatory. I'm incredibly exciting and it still has not sunk in yet.

2. I've pretty much wrapped principle photography on my film and am now moving into the editing phase, which means that one way or another, this is about to get finished. It kind of snuck up on me.

3. I've finished a new screenplay, which was probably the most difficult thing I've ever had to write.

That's all I'm going to share. I don't want to get too personal. It's not my style. What you can look forward to in the next coming weeks (I'm talking of course to the few people who actually read this blog) is a lot of retrospective reviews and film talk. Some new recurring series. I'll also be publishing a running list of my 100 favorite movies. Thank God for Netflix. I have so much stuff to watch and re-watch for the first time. I'm rediscovering old loves. Like Ang Lee's The Ice Storm, which I re-watched today...such an amazing film. Where was Sigourney Weaver's Oscar nomination for that one? Agh...

To anyone actually reading this blog, I'm totally open to suggestions/comments about how to improve. I'm going to start up the "Can We Talk About" series again, which I really enjoyed doing. However, I did one on Kristen Stewart last year and in the wake of the Twilight fatigue, which subsequently revealed what an entitled dumbass she is, I kind of want to take back every nice thing I've said about her...

Peace, Love and Pretension.

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