Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Few Thoughts...I'm Re-Vamping

Now that Oscar season is officially over, I've noticed how many of my posts have been dedicated exclusively to the topic. Not that I'm making apologies. I've long admitted that I'm a fanatic. Now 'tis time to talk of other things. I saw Watchmen last night and will post some sort of review within the next couple of days.

I will say a few things about certain topics which I don't feel need to be discussed. So in a way, I'm going to be part of the problem. But it's my blog, so suck it.

I've long avoided making any comment about the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation for any number of reasons, but here are my thoughts on this matter, which is being shoved down my throat as our generation's Watergate at every turn. This is going to sound incredibly insensitive, but hear me out. I don't care that Chris Brown allegedly beat the crap out of Rihanna. I'm sorry, but I don't. Let me clarify. I don't care about Chris Brown beating up Rihanna any more than I do about the legions of people who are physically abused by their spouse or partner every day. I know they're famous, but I don't subscribe to the school of thought that one's fame makes their uniquely painful or upsetting because of said fame, if that makes sense. I guess that's why I'm me and not Nancy O'Dell. And the uproar that people are feeling now that she has supposedly taken him back...I will just say this: Even if I was someone who cared deeply about this celeb-saga, that bit of news would make me stop caring. As someone who has lost family members to domestic violence, I feel that for someone like Rihanna, with all of her money, fame and resources, to re-enter an abusive relationship is kind of fucking ridiculous. Seriously. People who are deeply obsessed with Rihanna's well-being should commence hand-washing right about now, dontcha think? I'm not blaming the victim. I'm simply pointing out a situation in which only the victim can save him or herself. That's all. (An aside: doesn't she kind of look like she could take him anyway? Just saying...)

Regarding this whole "Octo-mom" thing. I luckily have NOT been following this story (I'm so proud.) The words "Octo-mom" are about all I know of what's going on. But by granting her this kind of pulpit (she's fucking everywhere, right?) isn't the media sort of fueling the same thing they're condemning her for? They say that she only had this many babies for the attention. Okay, fine. So don't give it to her. But that would be too difficult, wouldn't it? Such is the power of schadenfreude that people would sooner see her face plastered all over the place, rather than leaving her alone to contemplate the incredibly selfish, short-sighted mess she's created for herself.

Peace, Love and Pretension.

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