Monday, May 25, 2009

Wow...It's been a while...

I have not blogged in over TWO MONTHS. This is inexcusable (though I do have a few excuses). I'm currently working on editing the feature film I'm which, I mean I'm supervising the very awesome, very cool and very skilled person who I'm paying to edit my movie (I wouldn't want me editing any projects.) I'm preparing to go to grad school at AFI in the fall (yikes...I've got to get ready) and I've been working a lot and saving money.

Waiting tables is kind of addictive If you work in a steady, busy restaurant like the one where I work, you get addicted to the cash in hand and the temptation to work double shifts is very looming. I can easily break $250 ($300 on a really good day) working a weekend double shift. You also get addicted to the cash-in-hand every day. The downside: I think that I've lost all faith in humanity. I don't know if it's really that most people are stupid assholes, or if going out to eat turns people into stupid assholes. I wager it's some combination of the two. A man at one of my tables today literally smacked my arm to get my attention today. This is after his mother ate her entire entree, and wanted a refund because she "didn't like it" (she was licking her fork as she told me this). Or I had another table move because a party of five black women sat next to them. It's shit like this that makes me think there's no hope for us. So much so that when customers are actually pleasant/cool, it throws me off my axis. Said party of five black women were there for a birthday party and their glee/joy was infectious. The woman whose birthday it was hugged me and told me I'm a great server. They were the last table of my shift and a great way to end the day. That kind of courtesy takes NO EFFORT at all, yet really makes a different. Showing that you think about the thoughts and feelings of someone other than yourself is one of the best first impressions you can make. I've learned that. Also, as Ryan Reynolds said in Waiting..."don't fuck with the people who handle your food."

On a more personal note, I've recently finished another screenplay which is probably the most personal thing I've ever written. It was at once incredibly difficult and incredibly therapeutic.

Peace Love and Pretension

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