Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Worst Movie Posters of 2008

I decided that before I announce my list of Top Ten films of 08, I would go a bit light. Before I get to the top ten posters that I loved, for various reasons (even if I didn't love or even see the films). But before I post that list, I want to give a special citation to the five worst movie posters of 2008.

5. Smart People
Here's a tip to the designer of this poster. When the film being advertised is a heldover theatrical release, one might want to design a poster that doesn't positively scream "ABC Family Original Movie." Even if (or especially when) the film itself screams that...

4. Changeling
Makes no apologies about telling us what we're here to see, which is not the worst thing in the world, I suppose...but good God. Why is her head so damn big? She looks less like she wants to find her son and more like she wants to eat him. Strange.

3. Transporter 3
It makes this list because it looks EXACTLY like all the other Transporter posters. Like, no effort at all here. I guess the graphic designer figures if nobody else cares about the Transporter series, why should she/he? Sound reasoning.

2. The Love Guru
Completely overestimates Mike Myers ability to get asses in movie seats by putting his mug large, front and center (seriously, what was even the last successful live action Mike Myers movie?) Plus..."his karma is huge?" Whether you look at it as culturally insensitive, or merely an attempt at a double-entendre, that doesn't even make any fucking sense, does it?

1. What Happens in Vegas
Okay, so perhaps I'm biased because I hate movies like this. This poster is actually everything a poster for movie like this should be. What bothers me is the way they simply but "Cameron and Ashton." No last names. Like they're my friends. Like they're people I should want to spend ninety minutes with. Plus, the way he's pointing at her mid headshake, as if to say "This girl, I tell you..." And Cameron is doing the whole "Sexy(?)" smolder gaze, which I'm sure she thinks makes her look fun and sassy, but really makes her look like a drunk sorority chick. And that may be what this film calls for, but she's doing it on the Gangs of New York poster as well, so that says everything I need to know about her. I just wish Hollwyood would realize that they're both completely disposable prats (her moreso than him, admittedly). Seriously, if I were to compile a gendered list of people in Hollywood who I couldn't care less about, Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher might only be beat by Valerie Bertinelli and French Stewart, respectively.

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Sharkb8 said...

It's funny how you're dead on with number 5. Totally reminds me of some ABC sitcom commercial.