Friday, January 9, 2009

Anne Hathaway...Premature Globe Winner?

I caught wind of this story from Perez Hilton of all places (I know, I'm terrible.) Apparently, on the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Website, Anne Hathaway was already listed as a Golden Globe Winner for Best Motion Picture Actress - Drama. The "mistake" was later corrected, but has a lot of people Hathaway the winner?

That would please me to no end. She already tied Streep tonight for the Critics Choice Award. If she beats Streep AND Winslet, that sort of makes her a frontrunner, dontcha think?

Oh, what a stressful time it must be for Hathaway to hear this story. And on the eve of the Globes (sort of). Oh nacht mare!

Likely to be Hathaway's reaction face when she wins the Globe. Sweetie, we all love Meryl Streep, but let's be objective. You know you were better.

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