Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Boycott on all Boycotts...Who's with Me?

The National Federation of the Blind are protesting Fernando Meirelles's new film Blindness, stating that the film portrays blind people as "savage and animal-like." They are also calling for a boycott of the film. Yawn. No offense to any callers of boycotts or supporters of boycotts who are reading this...actually, wait. Offense is fully intended. Because if you've ever called for a boycott of anything, you are probably a moron and you need to get a life. Seriously. First of all, I've seen Blindness. I'm guessing many of the people in the National Federation of the Blind have not seen blindness for the simple fact that they are blind. I'm not being funny. I'm just stating a fact. Is Blindness a good film? Not especially. Would I ever watch it again? Probably not. Am I recommending it to people I know? Hardly. But I'm almost compelled to tell everyone I know to go see Blindness and spit in the face of any would-be protesters looking to harass.

Regarding boycotts. If something offends you, fine. As someone who is rarely offended by the things that seem to offend people en masse, it's a notion I don't really understand, but far be it for me to deny you your outrage. But aren't boycotts a little like saying "I don't like this, so you shouldn't like it either. Wah." There's something childish and vaguely fascist about that sentiment. It's like the people who called for boycotts of Passion of the Christ or later (after it was discovered beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mel Gibson really does hate Jews) Apocalypto. I don't like Mel Gibson. I thought he was crazy long before Passion of the Christ came out. And when he makes movies, I don't see them. He's not getting any of my money and that's enough. I don't care if you go see every Mel Gibson movie that comes out. And I certainly don't support a boycott of the same. When you call for a boycott of something, you're essentially trying to will it into obscurity by your sheer refusal to participate. That just seems unfair, especially since you have the power to control what you watch, listen to and participate in. If you think that Blindness looks offensive, then don't go see it. That's fine. You're probably an idiot (just saying), but don't be even more of an idiot by protesting. Freedom of speech is a two-way street people. It's not just in place to protect those who are saying things you agree with. Get off your cross, National Federation of the Blind, and get back to helping blind people.

Peace, Love and Pretension

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