Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rant Time...Amy Winehouse

I feel a bit like Chris Crocker here, defending a troubled pop icon. But I honestly feel like the public scrutiny of Amy Winehouse has gotten out of hand. Am I a huge fan? No. Hardly, in fact. But I feel like people need to just acknowledge the fact that Amy Winehouse is messed up, accept it and move on. It didn't start with Perez Hilton, but I would be pretty confident in saying that the blogger features at least a dozen weekly posts about Winehouse's (or Wino as he "cleverly" calls her) misadventures, complete with unflattering photos.

This is an aside, and I could actually do an entire post on the subject if I wanted to: I'll admit that I sometimes find myself perusing his blog (so I guess I'm part of the problem), but seriously, Perez Hilton is completely ridiculous. And not in the fun "John Waters" way. I am not one of those "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all," people. I love my Kathy Griffin, who is known for making disparaging remarks about celebs. But at least she does it with a modicum of wit and timing. Plus, being somewhat of a Hollywood insider, Griffin sort of has insight into these things. Hilton is just...ridiculous. He constantly calls TR Knight a pervert, because he is in a committed relationship with a man who happens much younger than him. Then he turns around and talks (repeatedly) about how sexy Zac Efron and the Jonas Brothers are (Perez Hilton is 30, by the way. And the youngest Jonas Brother is 15.) He has this completely irrational hatred of Rumer Willis, constantly talking about how ugly she is, as if she were some pop culture figure being rammed down our throats and not an unassuming and (by all accounts) level-headed young woman who just happens to have famous parents. Hilton (who himself is gay) constantly makes disparaging and borderline hateful comments when speculating about Lindsay Lohan's supposed lesbian relationship, and he constantly refers to Miley Cyrus as a slut. "Slutty Cyrus" is what he calls her. Clever, Perez. Does it feel good to be a thirty-year-old man calling Miley Cyrus a slut? Let's hope so, for your sake. Perez Hilton rant over.

Back to Amy Winehouse. Yes, she's a drug user. Yes, she smokes and drinks heavily, is in and out of rehab and the hospital and shows no signs of stopping. But I'm so sick of hearing people dealing with Winehouse like she's a punching bag, rather than a human being who's obviously very troubled. To all the entertainment magazines, blogs, gossip columns, and you Winehouse-critics at home, get over it already. Amy Winehouse is a popular singer who has sold a lot of records, and thus, has acquired some measure of wealth (I'm assuming) and celebrity. She chose to use the advantages of said lifestyle not to better, but to worsen herself. Fine. That's her choice. Get over it. I'm so sick of the way that Winehouse is constantly taken to task for her drug use and other issues. How many of us can honestly say that we've never engaged in behavior that we knew could be harmful to ourselves or (God forbid) others? Whether it's smoking that cigarette or eating that cheeseburger. Most people engage in some kind of harmful excessive behavior on a daily basis. Amy Winehouse happens to take it to the extreme, but again that's her decision. Get over it and stop trying to moral majority everyone.

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