Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Margaret Cho is Amazing...And other Thoughts

Hello to the three people who read this blog (seriously, there have been like three comment posts in the entire history of this blog, so that's what I'm assuming the readership is) still plan to post a full review of Pineapple Express within the next couple of days. I've just been really busy shooting a movie (which has been going very well, btw.) I don't want to just slap together a quick review, free of any real insight into the film, ya know? These things take time. At any rate, I'm leaning towards a B-/B grade for the film...I plan to address the subtle, yet rampant homophobia at work in the Apatow-brand comedy once I've decided exactly how I feel about it.

Regarding the title of this post, I was at Outwrite Books today in Atlanta and I picked up a copy of "I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight" by Margaret Cho. I began skimming through it and I was unable to put it down. So much so that I bought it right on the spot (and I and NOT an impulse shopper at all) and I almost read through the whole thing in one sitting. As a comedienne, Cho is generally kind of hit or miss with me (though her bit about Gwen washing her vagina is hilarious) but damned if her book isn't bursting with brilliance on nearly every page. Margaret Cho really explains the frustration of being a minority (any minority) into words that I've been searching for almost all my life. It's that feeling of walking through a world where everything you do or say is filtered through a "minority lens." And all the while reading this book, I kept thinking, "Wow. You know who would really benefit from reading this? Elisabeth Hasselbeck." I know a lot of people hate her (I'm not too fond of her sometimes) but I do believe that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is generally a good person who means well (as far as conservatives go). I'm just really sick of this whole "I know racism is bad, and I GET that it's difficult for minorities, but..." thing that she has going on. It annoys me because as well meaning as she is, she neither "knows" nor "understands." And this book puts it in plain calm language for people like her.
I especially love the section where Cho calls Ann Coulter on her bullshit. So great and totally the typical "liberal" rant you'd expect on the subject. She comes at everything from such a fresh unique perspective and I'm loving it.

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