Thursday, August 7, 2008

Random Thoughts...Again

I'll be coming with a longer post pretty soon. Just a few talking points:

  • In my spare time (which admittedly hasn't been in abundance since I started working/filming my movie) I've been obsessively watching "Jon & Kate Plus 8." I find it utterly and completely fascinating. It should be called "People Aspiring to Be Young Parents: Beware." (An ungainly title, yes. But the sentiment still stands). I don't say that I'll never have children simply because I don't know how I'll feel ten/fifteen/twenty years down the road. But watching this show makes me appreciate my life free of that kind of responsibility. Though I must say, if the show was just about Aaden (the tuplet with the glasses) I'd still watch the show. He's awesome.
  • I saw Pineapple Express last night and will talk about it later.
  • Maybe it's just that I'm getting older and more cynical, but I truly believe that with each Presidential election, America loses more of its ability to engage in critical discussion and debate. Fox News has always been a joke...but it's not so bad, because I think (in a really twisted way) they almost own it. You can practically see them winking at the screen when they say "Fair and Balanced." But CNN is getting (has been) pretty ridiculous as well. My feelings about BOTH presidential candidates on a given day range from annoyance to disgust and I'm just ready to fast forward to November so this whole thing can be over.
  • More to come. Peace, love and pretension.

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Don said...

I too will be calmed once the presidential election has passed, no matter who the winner. I am convinced that FOX News gets a kick out of stirring up controversy.