Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Will Blog More Soon...

I am taking the GRE tomorrow, applying to Graduate School, working and trying to make a movie all at once. Until after Friday, something has to take a hit. That's blogging for now. Isn't it awesome I don't have children to worry about?

I will comment on the the SAG nominations, as well as other precursor and Critics awards that have been filtering through. I know I'm a bit late, but I've been gathering my thoughts. Regarding the Golden Globe nominations, I will call shenanigans. I think I may have to do so for the SAG nominations as well. Some poor POOR taste flying around this awards season. We definitely do not have another 2007 on our hands. Regarding the SAG nominations, my initial reaction was this.

Best Ensemble

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Slumdog Millionaire

Even the SAGs, in all of their "desire to predict the Oscars rather than vote for what's best" silliness, often go out of left field and actually honor worthy ensemble nominees in this category. Sample nominations for Hustle and Flow in 2005 or last year's pack of nominees. But this year, they really screwed the pooch, I must say.

How does Slumdog Millionaire get a best ensemble nomination? That movie, for all of its virtues is hardly about its acting, and even if it were, is not about the way these actors play off of and enhance each others' work. It's called "Best Ensemble" SAG. Who is even going to be included in Slumdog's castlist? And a supporting nod for Dev Patel? This is ridiculous. I gave the film a solid B, but The further I get away from Slumdog Millionaire, the more it just makes me feel...blah. Especially when considering its Oscar prospects, which are looking solidified right now, dontcha think? But let's go ahead (for funsies) and list the myriad of films that were released this year that deserve a best ensemble nod over Slumdog, shall we? This list is a mix of films I liked, disliked and had mixed feelings about altogether, but they are examples of TRUE ensemble work (if SAG is truly committed to what they call their awards.)

Be Kind Rewind
Burn After Reading
In Bruges
The Dark Knight
Pineapple Express
Snow Angels
Synechdoche, New York
Tropic Thunder
Vicky Cristina Barcelona...

You get the picture. And finally...

Rachel Getting Married

I am so very disappointed in the Screen Actors Guild for not nominating the ensemble of Rachel Getting Married. I know it's not going to get a best picture nomination. I have long accepted that. But I was really relying on SAG to go to bat for this film, which was the truest example of ensemble acting in film this year. Forshame.

Peace, Love and Pretension

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