Saturday, June 19, 2010

Small Programming Note

"What? This moulinyan is taking a break from Scorsese? Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Regarding the Big Pretentious Movie Summer (which is still going strong and off to a great start), logistical factors have caused me to divert from Scorsese. Nothing against the man himself (I've enjoyed his films immensely, for the most part). However, it appears the AFI library's copy of Casino has gone AWOL, so I'll have to Netflix it. Rather than skipping over to 2004's The Aviator, I'm taking a break from Scorsese for now and will return next weekend. I'm also jumping all over the place. I've moved on to Woody Allen, as that's what's calling out to me right now. And I'm feeling oddly unmotivated to watch His Girl Friday (should I get on that?) from the misc. list and skipped to Easy Rider, Midnight Cowboy and Jaws this week. Everything will get watched in its time.

Peace, Love and Pretension

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