Thursday, May 1, 2008

Random Thoughts...More to Come

Happy May Day!

I have not forgotten this blog. I just had finals this week and was insanely busy. I don't know how I survived, but I did. Now unto the breach! I posted 11 times in April, and my goal is to double that amount for May.

Since I last posted, I saw Baby Mama and 88 Minutes. I will post mini-reviews of each, since they've both been out for some time now. In short, I liked Baby Mama for what it was, though I find myself wondering about its third act and how much stronger it would have been with Tina Fey in the writer's chair. And 88 Minutes...starring Al Pacino and his hair. I walked out knowing one thing--before, I was merely unconvinced by Leelee Sobieski. I can now say whole-heartedly that I do not enjoy her as an actress. More to come...

Here are some random thoughts before I post more at length:

  • I re-watched Capote recently and was surprised to find out how much better I liked it this time.  I don't think the Academy has made a better, more astute choice in recent years than nominating Capote for best picture and best director (maybe nominating Laura Linney for The Savages).  It's so noticeably absent of all the tricks and gimmicks the Academy usually goes for.  I'm also more convinced than ever that Clifton Collins Jr. got totally shafted in the best supporting actor race that year.
  • I don't normally like horror movies, nor do I normally like movies starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman (who?) but the trailer for The Strangers is incredibly creepy and I'm kind of intrigued.
  • If I see one more ad for the DVD release of 27 Dresses or for the theatrical release of that new Patrick Dempsey movie I will shoot someone. Seriously, does anyone even remember that 27 Dresses even existed? And advertisers, you will never convince me that Katherine Heigl is "America's Sweetheart." Ever. Both Heigl and Dempsey presented at the Oscars this year, only slightly more deserving of being there than Miley Cyrus. Is there no escape?
  • Guillermo del Toro finally comes forward and makes it official that he's directing The Hobbit. And Sir Ian McKellan will reprise his role as Gandalf. And the sky is blue. Dudes, we've known this for months. But thanks for telling us.
  • Confession time: my favorite hour long drama is Brothers and Sisters (shut up. Shut. Up.) I've had a good five or six days to let it marinate since the last episode, and the more I think about it, the more I consider the distinct possibility that the series has jumped the shark. More on this later.
  • Say what you will about Madonna (and people do), but she's proven that she can still move product with the release of her latest album "Hard Candy." Apparently, Madge has still got it.
  • It is the first of May. And you know what that means...there are approximately 265 days left of George W. Bush's presidency, until the Inauguration on January 20th. Oh, and by the way, Bush is now officially the most hated president in modern history. His disapproval ratings are at a whopping 71%. Bush probably ain't sweating, though, since his grades were worse than that when he got into Yale. (I'm here all week).
  • Peace. Love. and Pretension.

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